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A fine tailored black velvet jacket and trouser paired with a stylish grey sequin shirt.
Rs 62,500


Experience timeless sophistication with our Charcoal Jacket Ensemble. This ensemble features a sleek charcoal jacket, a pure silk digital printed shirt showcasing intricate patterns, and matching pants for a coordinated look. Elevate your style and make a statement at any occasion with this blend of classic and contemporary fashion.
Rs 42,500


Introducing our Pure Irish linen Jacket, a symbol of craftsmanship and style. Paired with the Pure Silk Maharaja Shirt featuring regal detailing, and White Lilian Pants for a balanced ensemble. Elevate your fashion game with this timeless combination, perfect for making a lasting impression at any event.
Rs 42,000


Discover sophistication with our Pure Brown Irish Jacket, paired with a Pure Silk New York Print Shirt, and Lilian Woodcut Pants. This ensemble seamlessly blends classic style with contemporary flair. Elevate your fashion statement with a touch of luxury and unique design, perfect for any stylish occasion.
Rs 42,000


Elevate your style with our Blue Suiting Jacket, a timeless classic. Paired effortlessly with a crisp White Cotton Button-Down Shirt and sleek Lilian Boot Cut Pants, this ensemble exudes sophistication and versatility. Whether it's a business meeting or a special event, you'll make a lasting impression in this refined outfit.
Rs 45,000


Experience timeless sophistication with our Navy Blue Lilian Jacket Ensemble. Crafted to perfection, the deep navy hue of the jacket exudes classic style, harmonizing beautifully with the textured Blue Shamra Shirt. The White Lilian Pants complete this ensemble, creating a balanced and refined look suitable for various occasions. Make a lasting impression with this meticulously coordinated outfit that effortlessly combines elegance with contemporary flair.
Rs 39,500


Discover refined style with our Charcoal Grey Jacket Ensemble. The jacket's rich charcoal shade exudes timeless sophistication, beautifully paired with a vibrant, multi-color shirt that adds a pop of personality. Completing the look, our White Bootcut Pants provide a clean and tailored finish. This ensemble effortlessly marries classic and contemporary elements, ensuring you stand out with confident fashion wherever you go.
Rs 39,500


Introducing our Black Blazer Ensemble, featuring a sleek black blazer adorned with the iconic DP logo. This symbol of sophistication pairs effortlessly with a timeless Classic White Cotton Button-Down Shirt. The ensemble is completed by our comfortable and versatile Stretchable Chino pants. Make a statement with this refined and versatile outfit, perfect for a range of occasions and exuding confident style.
Rs 45,000


Meet the epitome of effortless style with our Sky Blue 2-Button Jacket Ensemble. The jacket's serene hue radiates sophistication, harmonizing flawlessly with a crisp White Shirt for a timeless appeal. Our Navy Blue Slim-Fit Stretchable Chino pants complete this ensemble, offering comfort and contemporary flair. Embrace versatility and make a confident fashion statement at any event with this meticulously coordinated outfit.
Rs 38,500


Embrace modern elegance with our Charcoal Jacket and Army Green Slim-Fit Stretchable Chino ensemble. The charcoal jacket exudes timeless sophistication, offering a versatile style for various occasions. Paired with the rich army green chino, this combination creates a harmonious balance of classic and contemporary fashion. The slim-fit design ensures a sharp silhouette, while the stretchable fabric ensures comfort throughout the day. Make a confident statement with this meticulously curated outfit, perfect for both formal and casual settings.
Rs 39,500


Introducing our Wedgewood Blue Cotton Lilian Classic Blazer adorned with the iconic DP LOGO. This blazer exudes timeless charm and pairs seamlessly with a crisp Classic Cotton White Shirt. Completing the ensemble, our Navy Blue Slim-Fit Stretchable Chino delivers a contemporary edge with ultimate comfort. The perfect blend of style and versatility, this outfit makes a confident statement for any occasion, showcasing a harmonious fusion of classic and modern fashion elements.
Rs 35,000


Sea blue 2 piece men's suit with herringbone hand stitch detail.
Rs 58,500

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